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Australia  Melbourne Victoria
  Since 1994
When only a London taxi will do,
Licensed for all Victorian towns


We are Melbourne's 1st and the most loved supplier of London black cabs as classic wedding cars,
 with A/C*

***** 5 stars as voted by customers on the Easy Weddings website, and framed award sent to us  Oct 2015
Australian Bridal Industry Academy Awards Finalist
#1 for London Cabs, 2010, 11, 12, 13, 14,
"We have voted for you! Very well deserved - you did a great job Thanks for everything"
              Location- 4 Windsor Avenue Wyndham Vale Werribee 3024  Melbourne Victoria Australia 
              Phone with answer machine & Fax : (00 61 3) 97343697   
              mobile: 0417 811 502   do not text me- use email
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Hello London lovers. Congratulations on your engagement.
So now you are planning your wedding  and places like London, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton, Edinburgh, have a truly nostalgic appeal ...... Memories of the U.K. will come flooding back on your wedding day, as you travel by a London Black cab, sipping bubbly, clinking glasses, kissing, royal waving , your cab trimmed with a British, Scottish, Welsh, or Irish flavour*..
....Re-enact the royal tour of 1954, with 'Royal Waves from Prince and Princess Charming, whilst your taxi is HERALDING your celebration ( tooting the Horn, tune "Here comes the Bride" and more ) in Grand European style, your departures,  parade and  arrivals. Enjoy the towns folk waving in return, and wishing you both a life-time of love.

Is your wedding inside the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne , enjoy 1 or 2 taxicabs driving you into the gardens on your wedding day 



WEDDING ...........................  full day -part day, church or garden or Registry office... metro and country weddings .. Mornington Red Hill  Daylesford Geelong etc.  .. ,   
RECEPTION DEPARTURES to your hotel .... ..your wedding exit is the grandest farewell your friends will ever give you. Surprise your Bride with a London  taxi your secret destination - with gift champagne, glasses, white linen napkins. ......even
Fireworks  can be arranged, what a show (see links below) ,
WEDDING ANNIVERSARY .... going to your restaurant of choice
...say ...the Titanic Theatre Restaurant for your 1st.. 2nd.... , Silver (25)  Ruby(40) Golden(50), Diamond (60), to 70th or more,  The Governor sends out Congratulatory letters to people on their Golden Wedding Anniversary, Diamond Wedding Anniversary and 100th Birthdays. To request that a Congratulatory letter be sent to a Victorian resident, please call Protocol Enquiries on (03) 9651 5026.
BIRTHDAY SURPRISE  ...............for mum, dad,.18th BIRTHDAYS, surprise 21st BIRTHDAYS etc... going to the Windsor hotel for the Royal High tea, and then your return trip

BRITISH UK PROMOTIONS ........ with taxis  buses  spruikers   sound systems  chimney sweeps  British characters   Grenadier Guard

BUCKET LIST ITEM....   have your first ever ride in a London taxi ... have a night out with 3 mates ... with photos and memories for a life time. 

   STEVEN the Owner-Director, sporting the Union Flag TIe, or Saltire, or Welsh , or Irish

       Established  October 1994 in Spotswood as THE OLD LONDON TOURER, then in  May 2000 became "London Taxi Wedding Services Pty Ltd".
         We are Melbourne's 1st and STILL THE BEST  supplier of pommy cabs as classic wedding cars ( AUSTIN FX4 1959 - 1997 ) 
YES ... Government Licensed
  for all over Victoria . ( green 2015 VTD stickers in all cabs) please ask to see proof
 Our 1,000th function completed on 10 Nov 2007 for Caroline Daley and Brett,
         total bookings... 1,495  as of 23-5- 2016

OUR PASSION.. Started when we  found our 1st cab, for sale, wow , and we wanted everyone to share in it . Thus we have always wanted to bring you the best London cab service, with a genuine interest in YOUR wedding day. To support this we  included 4 trips (privately funded) to London, to Visit the Public Carriage Office, to speak with the Top brass, tour Ray's Inspection bay, tour 'Cab Charge' head office, Visit with 'Mann and Overton' head office and spares. Tour the places our cabs have passed countless times, like Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Harrods and more .. even visited Windsor castle, Liverpool,  Manchester, Gloucester, Brighton, Edinburgh, York, Gillingham in Dorset, Cardiff in Wales, Southampton,
...... now let's chat about where you both met, and where you popped the question,  
your romantic London memories, ....  and your  plans for a royal wedding with our famous London Taxis.


Time line.. LATEST NEWS..    
            31-3-16  We have listed this business for sale, in an attempt to find someone who wants to continue doing what we do. taking tender- best offers, will consider selling house-depot too.
          14-10-15,, happy 21st birthday to us, #1476 wedding and events
          13-10-15 Our 4 London taxis gave away free rides around Melbourne CBD for Emirates airline UK Promotion. it was a lot of fun.
        9-7-15, today Mr Tom Parker-Bowles will be a Guest in our Famous London taxi
            2-5-15 HRH Duchess of Cambridge Kate, safely delivered of a Baby Girl , evening our time , 8.36 am London time, congratulations, hip hip hooray,

31-1-2015 wedding in Canterbury, after leaving photos in the park, in 3 London cabs drove down Maling Road, Canterbury, with 3 Horns heralding the passing parade to the shoppers.. Steven- owner in leading taxi saw lady, who was between 2 parked cars, jumping up and down"toyota advert style" screaming "MY CAR, My CAR". She was a  recent customer, more than happy to see her  London taxi again.  also seen by Bride inside... 2nd cab.
    3-12-2014... A/C at last in our top London cab - FJX558, maybe more to come.
    14-10-2014..  Happy 20th Anniversary to US  with 1427 weddings. 
    23-7-13 It's a BOY , a new future King is Born today (22-7-13 4.24 pm UK) to HRH Prince William  and Princess Kate, we saw the notice placed on the Easel at Buckingham Palace, 6 am in the morning here on TV.  video  


2-6-13  congratulations to the Queen, her 60th Coronation  party today
            7-5-13      1st youtube video 
           5-5-13  Did you see our cab in  Mrs Biggs ?

         14-10-12  Happy anniversary to us #18
          13-8-12  wow, did you see the Spice Girls, arrive in London cabs during the Olympics closing ceremony, I must get one. Well done London .

15-7-2012,     not long now, counting down to the London Olympics  
        22-6-2012  Wishing black caviar the best in the Diamond jubilee race, at royal ascot tomorrow

 26 October 2011.... 

Practicing for the Royal passing in Government House Drive, Melbourne .. then I WAS seen by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip as She pointed out the open car window at the flag on the fence ?.....

 Photo noticed by Alan and Cathy in  Bargara- Bundaberg QLD, who only met me 6 days before. 


 18- May 2011.... 

# 1 London cab service in Victoria, 
 .. as Voted by our very  happy customers,  ABIA awards 2011 .... 2012  vote here


29-4-2011 .....royal wedding  
         21-4-11 Happy Birthday to our Queen 
         5-3-2011   BBC TV show, Peschardt's People, filmed around Queen Victoria Market.. did you see us?  airing May 2011
         17-11-2010 .. ROYAL WEDDING  hip hip hooray, HRH Prince William is to Marry Kate Middleton 

28-10-2010   Hostess on Virgin Airlines, on flight from Gold coast says "Hello Steven, you drove my wedding cars", 
I said "Yes I did"
.. how is that.. Mrs Sharon Lee (Robinson) wedding on 3-10-2009, just Celebrated her 1st anniversary

14-10-2010.... hooray  our 16th birthday  1229 hired events

29 July 2010..   what a night, Opening night of Mary Poppins, 6 London taxis shuttling guests from  Her Majesty's Theatre  to the after party at the Sofitel Hotel, 120 guests enjoyed the offer. Mr Sherman- who penned the songs for the Movie in 1964, took prime cab with prime driver Steven-Owner, and was kind enough to give Steven an autograph, in the most delightful way . Also Mr Fellows who wrote the Stage show, took his guests in cab #2.
              28 july 2010 Mary Poppins , Steven Starred    with Martine on channel 9 news  
                             video wiped by channel nine
             16-22 July 2010.. Savile Row Suits promotion for Strickland & Sons 147 Bourke st Melbourne 
              6th July 2010.. attended the GALA ball for ABIA award, won 7th place, in Victoria , WOW 
thankyou everyone who voted
25th June 2010   ABIA awards, emailed to say we are listed in the TOP10, for transport awards "hooray for us" thankyou everyone who voted
15-12-2009.   Invited HRH Prince William to visit our company-depot-home, to share -learn about our proud 15 years of service, we still hope his tight itinerary will open-up,  won't  that be the Best,
                  27-7-09  Beefeater Gin Promotion, for Pernod Ricard Australia, 2 black cabs with gents in Bowler hats  visited 8 Bars around the City, maybe you saw us in the English Rain
                            Bars were Golden Monkey, Black pearl, Seamstress, 1806, Match & bar Grill , Spice bars, Gin Palace,

1-3-09 morning herald -sun paper page 117 taxi in picture  for Ladette to Lady
Feb 23 2009,  Ladette to Lady..  for Channel 9 TV Show, . 2 taxis with guests taken to the Windsor Hotel, Melbourne, Steven- owner, met and shook the hand of both Principle Gillian Harbord and Rosemary Shrager next to my cab at the front door of the Windsor hotel, with a hearty " Excuse me Ladies, Welcome to Melbourne" 
            May 2008 ............Seen on the channel 7 news report regarding safety in cabs,, "for real driver safety , step inside a London cab" with Norm Beeman

December 6th 2007... we got the call of our lives  for .....

 December 14th 2007...... Queen Elizabeth 2.(Gerry Connolly ) rode in our top cab, into the ball room of "Heidelberg", Notting Hill, Gala Relocation Celebration ..............  what a most wonderful standing ovation , and speech   followed by the Royal Ribbon cutting ... regal all the way


 November 20  2007........ Emailed Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2,, with congratulations on her 60th Diamond wedding Anniversary

 August 1st  2007 in the front of Windsor castle, I bumped into "February Bride ,  what a totally wonderful delight ........
 please  need to confirm who this is....................... she called out from across the Street, Steven Is that you  ?  yes.. she called out from across the Street, Steven Is that you ?

forgive the Stunned look on my face I was thinking "what are the odds"

Yes we contacted every bride from jan -june, no takers, married Barwon Heights ? lives in London Area not Windsor



Jan 15-30 2006  Met some old mates and made many more whilst in England , found York and Edinburgh, Liverpool and Manchester, 
             9/12/05 With heavy heart we say farewell to the Route-master double decker bus, in London, last ride today, there will be a historic route  
            somewhere in London
( The two routes are heritage route 9 from the Royal Albert Hall to Aldwych, and heritage route 15 from Trafalgar Square to Tower Hill.).
  September 12/13 -2005,   4 cabs hired by British Airways, covered by promotion signs, we had 2 great days did you see us?, 
            July  7th  2005, bus bombed in London, right outside my 1st trip and 2nd trip hotels, can you believe it ?

            July 6th 2005.. Congratulations to London who will host the 2012 Olympics .

march 7th 2005....Our London cab (FJX..) appearing in tv series Neighbours.. shooting  in channel 10 Nunawading studio
Wednesday 9th Feb 2005...We welcome the six London cabbies and partners, out here for the Commonwealth games, 
       meeting them at the launch in Federation Square .

CABS IN OTHER STATES.. (these links are offered free,  Please ask these services you found here, to send a letter of thanks )
         Western Australia  PERTH   ..... ..    .. Back in black london cabs....
          South Australia       ADELAIDE  ... ... Tony Siciliano  0419 812 267   08-8336 2380... 2 cabs  email
BRISBANE  ...... A Golden Roller    4 cabs with one FX3 cab too.  Tracey  1300 789 874
          New South Wales      Hunter valley  and Newcastle. Exclusive Vintage Wedding Cars 4 cabs  call ... new owners oct 2009, Jamie and Michelle   +61(0)2 4932 7799 or 0457 835 940
Sydney   ...'the britstop'™.. .at
                                                                              ALSO SYDNEY CLASSIC HIRE
         Tasmania  ...........  .... advertise your cab here... OR CALL US , TO BRING A CAB OVER TO TASSY, PRICE STARTS AT ABOUT $ 2,500
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Auckland  .... Metropolitan Rentals ........

                            .....  Wellington .............. .London Taxicab Company ltd ...... 
                                                ..... Taupo   .................... Taupo tours  
                                          ....  Christchurch   ............ London cab hire   Adrian and Jane 
                                                                        ...........  coach charter  
                               ... Nelson      top of South Island      The Black cab Company 

                                                ........   Queenstown,   Alan Kirker

Double Decker bus .. we don't have a bus, try these guys listed 

   W A         Perth

South Australia ...  Adelaide..  A BIG NIGHT OUT   08 8363 0391 

 NSW ........... .Sydney   ...'the britstop'™.. .at
             .......     BYRON BAY   ....  magic bus  

Tasmania .....   Hobart ............... New Zealand ...... Auckland 
                         Queenstown Bottom of South Island ......  
                               Nelson  top of South Island ....

                     Christchurch .... Coach charter
Letters 45, photos from delighted customers  ....... proving that "the service" is remembered long after the price (of hire) is forgotten"
 .... from Mr & Mrs ...

...Challis, from Jeff and Carol Challis, 23 March 2002. Wedding 2/2/2002
We would Like to express our sincere thanks for making our special day, special.
It was a magic ride across to Point Cook with your driver helping us feel comfortable and calm before hand. We liked in particular how you made us feel like King and Queen on the drive from the reception to the hotel afterwards

...Park, from Rebecca and Danny Park, Wedding 8/3/2002
Many thanks for your wonderful service for our wedding (8.3.02) Everyone loved the taxi-bus theme and for us it added a touch of nostalgia, regarding our London romance. We wish you well in your future business and will certainly pass our high recommendation to any interested parties.

...Friedman, From Victoria and Michael Friedman, wedding 24 March 2002.
Dear Brian and Steven, Thought I'd Drop you a quick note to thankyou both for providing 2 great London taxis on our wedding day and for your prompt efficient & friendly service. The cars certainly set the tone for the day and I enclose a couple of snaps for your files. Thanks again.


...Waldon,     from Kellie and Rob Waldon,    Wedding 13/4/2002
We would like to thank you for making our wedding day extra special
. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment in 'OLD POM'* especially our trip at the end of the night to the hotel. Driving down Brunswick & Lygon Streets with you beeping the horn and people waving just made the day even more memorable. Also, personal thanks to you for beeping the horn when when the marriage was confirmed, carrying the umbrellas around during our photo session and supplying the champagne. Your presence and participation was appreciated and we have  enclosed some photos for your album, we hope you like them. Once again, thankyou for making our day one we will never forget. .....(*name of cab with ivory interior)

..Helen Marchant, wedding 15 March 2003.
Dear Steve, Thankyou so much for enthusiasm & sense of fun on my wedding day. I'll never forget going over the Westgate bridge in the black cabs! It was brilliant! Very best wishes from the "lady in red"!! (photo included Helen, yes in strapless
RED wedding gown, a fun lady, Maid and Steven with cab at Government House front gate, )

.......Sandquist, From Amber and Simon, wedding 20/04/2003
Dear Brian, Just a short note to let you know how pleased we were with Steve on Sunday. He even helped out with the bride's dress being caught on a bangle and re-tied the father of the groom's tie! Thankyou so very much for everything... we will certainly be recommending Glenny xxx

..........Audrey Cooling,, 70th wedding anniversary for her parents Bill 93yrs and May 89yrs, 26/7/03
Steven.. I have finally printed some of the 70th Anniversary photos, and as promised the one of you-mum and dad with the "Great London Cab" Thanks for helping (to make) a great night even better They are still talking about the surprise, Kindest regards Audrey Cooling
.....###### deleted by request weddingSeptember 20##
Dearest Steven And Brian, 
       Thankyou so much for all your assistance on our wedding day.  The London cabs were FANTASTIC ! The day was filled with fun, happiness and excitement. The London cabs are very special to us and so great to be able enjoy them on our special day. 
       Best wishes for 20##
..... Jane and David Parlor, 
wedding  21 February 2004.

Thankyou very much for making our day so memorable with your wonderful cars (cabs please) .. Love Jane and David xxx 
Kellybrook winery - photo

...Dear Steven 

Thankyou for such a fun trip from Emu Bottom to Rupertswood on our wedding night. The toe tapping band is called Clan Destiny
  .....Best wished Cathy and Tim Hiatt

Wed 6-3-2004


Graduation.... Catholic Regional College Melton to The Luxor in Sydenham on 01.12.04)
Steven, .....Just thought I’d finally take a couple of minutes to compliment you on your service. The feedback from the girls and their parents were nothing but excellent. The girls talked non stop about their ride. Many people at the school asked where the Taxi came from and that they thought it was very different. So hopefully you will be known more in Melton. I was very pleased that you introduced yourself to me. I am very sure your business will always move forward in leaps and bounds. We will be seeing you next year as Monique will be making her Debut. Once again, thank you for making the Year 10 Graduation Special. ....................Regards Sharon Lord ... ( 2x customer see letter below)

Sean and Melissa's Wedding, September 14, 2004
Just a short note to say thankyou for providing the finishing touch to our extra special day. We still get comments about the lovely car and our wonderfully eccentric driver, Steve. The special little things you did for us made the day that bit extra memorable. (Note: dress tips...calming my nerves...driving several times around the roundabout whilst tooting the horn and giving the royal wave... comparing suspenders...never forget it!) Thankyou for completing our fantastic day! We have been recommending you to everyone we know! - Melissa, Sean and baby Tahlia...(photos included)

..............Gael Middelveld & Richard Jackson wedding June 2004....
.....Dear Steve & Co., Please find attached our wedding photos featuring your London Taxi, and my best friend (after my husband!) Cherish the Teddy bear. Sorry we have taken so long to get back to you. We hadn't forgotten, just a bit disorganized !  We hope they provide a smile. We had a wonderful day - & enjoyed our taxi rides - a lovely honey-moon, and 6 months later we are still happy. Thankyou for helping to make our day special. Best wishes, ...Gael Middelveld & Richard Jackson & Cherish the bear 

     DEBUTANTE BALL..... Hi Steven, Thank you very much for all your help on Friday 30th September. (Luxor drop off at 2:45pm) Both couples enjoyed the ride in the taxi a lot and we had a great time at the deb. I wish you all the best and you never know we may need you again in the future. Be happy always, Sharon Lord

.        .... Dear Steve / Brian...... Wow what can I say, but a big, big, thankyou for your wonderful service and attention to detail on our daughters wedding Saturday (5-11-05) at Geelong (heritage house). You were an absolute hit with everyone. Once again thankyou for making the day a memorable one.... from .Bronwyn Thomson
..............from the new engaged Oliver Harris and Melea Tarabay  on 2-2-2007...(he popped the question on the beach during  her birthday surprise royal tour )
I would like to thank everyone at London Taxis for making it a very special day. It was fantastic to have a London taxi take us around Melbourne in such style.
Thanks Oliver and Melea.....
.........  Matthew and Louise Cross. 17th March 2007
Afternoon Guys,
    Just wanted to say a huge thank-you for the cars, they looked amazing with the backdrop of Monsalvat.  Steven  we missed you enthusiasm on the day, but the guys were fantastic. The cars helped make a memorable day all the better with the photos that we have to keep.

Thanks again and best wishes  ..Matthew and Louise

Hi Steve,
Re. Wedding 17th Feb 2007 - Pinner/Rule - Botanic Gardens Melbourne

I hope you are well. I finally got the wedding photos last night and as promised I have some (13) for you. I think there are some really good ones of the car! Thank you so much for all the help on that fantastically hot day! It really made our day and all the small touches were really appreciated – especially the ice cold towels you had waiting for us when we got back to the car (remember it was 42c that day!) You were a real help to me as I was so nervous. The car was beautiful and everyone commented on it!  
 Kindest regards, Rachel

 photographer...Adam Blair of Blair’s Photography

......... Colls,  Kym and Jason....
Thankyou for the wonderful car you supplied for our wedding day. It was a real treat and a huge talking point at the wedding. Special Thanks to the driver on the day.
............Love Kym and Jason    10 Nov 2007

......... Hi Steven, Thankyou so much for giving us the opportunity of riding in your London cabs ( with a London Bobby as well (groom's brother )). Your cabs made the day and my Father in-law reckons the best bit of the day for him was the trip in your cab on the way to the church.. he want bloody shut up about it !  They really did make the difference, and were the perfect thing for our day. I will be highly recommending your service to all my other bachelor mates that ever think about tying the knot.
.............kind regards Rhys Coulson    wed 11-1-08 Brighton

....  Peter and Barbara Newberry.....  Golden wedding anniversary 25 Feb. 2008
    Hi Steven,    We would like to say thankyou so much for a wonderful job well done! Our parents had a great night and enjoyed their surprise journey in your London black cab immensely, they will treasure these memories of their special celebration. So thankyou again for the "Royal" treatment of Barbara & Peter on Monday 25th Feb (2008)   Sincerely Yours    Eva Pagett   (Daughter) ( trip Sunbury to Tram-car Restaurant and return) 

... Will and Geogi Cook (Waldie) Daylesford 8-3-08...
                  Steven,   Thank you so much for helping make Georgi and Will's day so special.   Ian and Graeme did a marvellous job.   Have enclosed a photo of Will and Georgi Cook, John and Janet Waldie in front of your taxis.   Thought you would like to see it.

.........Regards  Janet Waldie

Burbridge, Neil and Toni (Ryan) Wedding 15-3 -2008,
            My daughter Toni Ryan was married on the 15th March 2008. We had Ian as our driver to the Ceremony. 
I must commend Ian for his courtesy, helpfulness and "nothing was too much" attitude on the day. 
I would recommend your organization to anyone wishing to have something different on their special day.
regards Gary Ryan

................. Bruns, Daniel and Lauren (Wynhoven) Wedding 22 March 2008, Geelong.
         To London Taxi Wedding Services. We sincerely thankyou for your efforts in supplying us with the most glamorous wedding car (3 taxis). We thankyou for making our wedding day an occasion we will always remember. Your Professionalism was much appreciated. We are very grateful for the hard work an efforts you provided on the day. We had a great day and also much enjoyed our lovely trip to our Motel. The service was incredible. Once again. thankyou for everything. 
Kind regards Lauren & Daniel Bruns.

... Cole, Teresa and Richard , wed 29-3-08 Emu Bottom

Dear Steve;
                 I want to say a very big thankyou for being there on our wedding day for us. It was fabulous how you were part of our celebration too. Everyone has commented on you and your gorgeous car (cab). You made us feel very special over the entire day. Thankyou for helping us out with umbrellas during our photos also. I have attached a picture for you. Thankyou again very much appreciated hope to see you again.
                  Teresa and Rick Cole.

... David and Karen Melville, Deb Ball for Daughter, 9-5-08
            Thankyou Steve for making our daughter's night special, her Debutante partner Daniel enjoyed it as well. The tooting of the horn and making them wave at everyone made then feel at ease by the time they arrived at the venue. David and I thankyou for calling us to say that you had dropped them off at Lakeside. Thankyou again, Steve you have a lovely bubbly personality
David and Karen Melville,...


... Ashley and Candice Lance, Wed 24-5-08
        Dear Brian, Steve and Team,  Special moments only become wonderful memories with the support of amazing people - thankyou for all your help and special wishes on our wedding day
   All our love  Ashley and Candice(Boyle) Lance


... Kim & Jodi Wiley, Wed  28-6-08.
         Dear London Taxi Wedding Services, Thankyou for the brilliant car (cab) & excellent service.
  ........ Kim and Jodi Wiley

Photo in front of the "Anchorage" , Williamstown


...Frederickson  ..Wedding 29-11-08  Wooling Hill Memorial Gardens,
Hi Steven, Thankyou for Saturday and the entertaining taxi ride. We had a great day and night, although it all went too quickly !! Thanks again. Lucy and Shane.

....Blythman, concert trip with return 5-12-08, Hi Steven, Thanks for all your help, we had a great night Friday. Frank ( driver) did a great job. Cheers Travis Blythman

......Nisbet,  Wedding 10-1-09, Hopper Xing, Williamstown to Roselyn court and reception departure  to Windsor hotel. Dear Steven, Just a quick email to say what a wonderful job Graham and Ian did on our wedding day. They were wonderful. Thank you too for the lovely cars (cabs). We received such wonderful comments on our car choice and we felt it helped to make our day memorable. Please pass on our appreciation to Graham and Ian. Thank you once again Kind Regards Bronwyn and Robert Nisbet    ps. will send photos ( yes ! )

 ........Degroot,  Wedding 19-12-08 Crown promenade to Montsalvat Eltham, Friday traffic,  Dear Steven, Thankyou so, so much for your fantastic service & speedy delivery on my wedding day December 19th 2008. You conquered Melbourne's traffic & gave us a very good giggle on the way to the venue - & I felt completely at ease with the timing in your capable hands. The Car (cab) is a little beauty and I'm so glad I was able to have a little slice of London on my wedding day. All the best, Prudence ( and Daniel ).

... Leonard-Jones,  Wedding 17 Jan 2009
      Dear Steven, Many thanks for the most Glorious entrance that we could ever have hoped for on our wedding day. Your timeliness + attention to detail were very much appreciated.
 Mrs & Mrs Jade & Fiona Leonard-Jones xx

... O'Loughlin, Julie and Brenton,  wed 21 / 2 / 09  at Yering Gorge Cottages
           Dear Steven, Thankyou for your invaluable contribution to making our wedding a huge success. We had so many comments about the taxi !
Best wishes.. 

Julie (Homer) and Brenton O'Loughlin

... Price, Martin and Sally, Wed  28-2-09.
         Hello, I have just received our professional photos from our wedding day and there were some great ones of the cabs. Thankyou for everything on the day, they looked great! Many thanks
.....Sally (Higgins) and Martin Price

..........  Frigo/Mansour,   Mara and Mark, wedding 28/3/2009, Hi Steven, I would just like to thank you for the amazing experience of riding around in your cabs yesterday. It really helped to make our special day memorable and it was a nice link to our time in England. Please thank your drivers (Ian,  Mike and Tim) for being so accommodating and lovely !   Kindest regards Mara Frigo/Mansour

... Letter from Bride's Parents  Helen and John Hughes ,Tarneit,

Bride Debbie Barker wed 4-10-09

Hi Steve, We thought you might like to use these snaps in your Cab Album. Thankyou for your kind service on 4-1-09. We had a great day.

Helen and John Hughes ,Tarneit,

... Mr & Mrs Davey, wedding (#1165) at Kilgour Estate Port Arlington, 26-11-09,
Dear Brian and Steve, We hope you had a wonderful Christmas, As promised attached are some pictures from our wedding featuring your car !(cab) Thankyou for making our day extra special. It was a pleasure having you join us. Kind regards Shane and Stephanie (Graham) Davey.

... Mr & Mrs Jeremiah-Shelley, wedding (#1166) at Geelong Wintergarden, 28-11-09,
Hi Steven, Just wanted to say thankyou so much for making our wedding so fantastic!!! everyone commented on how great and friendly you were, and how fantastic the car (cab) was and great you looked!!!! It was so fantastic, I'm so glad we booked ( from Scotland ) thankyou again!!  Marti x  (and Dan)

   ... Mr & Mrs Adda, wed 6-3-2010, Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne, Dear Steven, Thankyou for making our wedding day on Saturday 6-3-2010, so memorable. We found you to be extremely professional and courteous and the London Taxi cab ride exceeded our wildest expectations. We hope that you and the taxi made it back in one piece as you may recall that was the day of the terrible hail storm! We would definitely recommend you to our friends, we had such a wonderful time, With thanks Charissa (Ng) and Lucas Adda

... Mr & Mrs Camilleri   wedding 17 April 2010

Hi Steve!!!!!!!
Hope your well just to let you know Matt and i have voted for you in the Abia awards.  You service was absolutely perfect, you and your staff and your incredible cabs helped to make our day the most special, memorable day of our lives :) from the moment they arrived nothing was to much, they helped with photos (holding umbrellas to stop the sun getting in the way of great shots), helped us girls get in and out of the car,  made sure we always had drinks as it was a warm day, even bought the boys jam donuts in Fitzroy gardens!!! it was absolutely amazing to see such a high level of service!! even going above and beyond the call of duty.
Then when you came and picked us up from The Manor on High, and took us to Crown Towers, well what can i say it was the ride of our lives!!! Made us feel so special, was the most amazing way to cap off the perfect day for Matt and myself, so for that we highly thankyou!!, we have told everyone about you!! and will continue to do so for many years to come
Thanking you again, Erin and Matthew Camilleri

... Stefanie Ortega..   31 July 2010, Deb Ball ( 8 girls with partners from 1 house 2 cabs and 1 limo), Lara to Deakin Uni, Thanx for the great service it was amazing ! Had a fantastic day thanx again.

... Mr & Mrs Culph wed 19-11-2010,

To Brian and Steve, Thankyou for making our wedding so spectacular + so much fun with the London taxis(19-11-10). Everyone thought they were great, and they looked amazing in our photos. Thanks again, Ruth (Steventon) and Richard Culph

.......   McGarigle, Katrina (Hamilton) wed 8-1-2011, Hello, We had a wonderful time thankyou so much. The drivers were fantastic( even getting themselves drenched by the rain to protect us from getting wet) We would love to vote for your services! Thanks for making everything so easy for us!!! Katrina and Casey

... Mr & Mrs Sarah and Shane Albon,   wed 15-1-2011,

Done ! ( they voted YES)
It was a brilliant day and Steven was such lively fun. Couldn't have asked for better service !

from Sarah Birch 
Director of Markerting
EMC Group Geelong

photo at Barwon Heads Carnival

... Mr & Mrs Moorfoot,. wed 29-1-2011 Geelong
Dear London Wedding taxi, Thankyou for your friendly service on our wedding day, The Taxis added an extra special touch to our special day

Thanks again from Beck (Everett) and Paul.

.....  Mr & Mrs Donaldson. wed 5-3 2011.
    Hi We recently used your service with the hire of a London Taxi for our wedding day (March 5th 2011). We would just like to say a big thankyou to our driver Frank. He was absolutely fabulous and helped make our day so special. We will not hesitate to recommend your business to friends and family, the car (cab please) and driver _Frank were perfect . Many thanks. Bianca and Toby Donaldson

...  Mr & Mrs Marshall,  wed 15 April 2011, We just wanted to write to say a big thankyou especially to Steven. He really did put everyone at ease. He had safety pins when required. bottle opener, glasses, umbrellas you name it his car (cab) was like a Mary Poppins bag! He truly added to the effect of arriving and leaving in style. The car (cab please) came out wonderful in the photos and our guests loved the fact we had something from back home to make the day special. With Summer around the corner I'm sure you'll be booked up with wonderful weddings. Thanks again Helen and Peter   (also had a double decker bus for guests)

Prize 14-8-2011 ....  Dear Steven, I was the winner of your Black cabs Taxi ride as part of the recent Geelong Patchwork& Quilters Guild fund rasing drive. My son Edward Celebrated his 21st Birthday in Style, My Sister& Mum, Husband Bruce and Myself all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on 14th August 2011. It was a very special occasion and we felt very privileged with your great attention to detail. Winning the prize came at a time when our family was on a big low. Circumstances have now changed. Thankyou once again, Andree Donaldson

...  Mr & Mrs Bridger, Wed 11-11-11,
To Brian, Steven & our Driver Graham, OX.

We both want to say a huge thankyou ! You were all so professional & our Driver Graham was relaxed which made us all relax. My father, myself & my girls loved the taxi. It looks fantastic in our photo's. It was such a cool ride& our guests loved it, that I chose something different for a car & it represented my homeland to my father & me. Thankyou all so much . Vicki and Hayden. OX (with Christmas card too)

 ... Mr & Mrs Dee, wed 17-12-2011, Wishing you and your family a  Merry Xmas. Thankyou so much for making our wedding day so special.  Simon and Brigitte...   

... and 2nd sent 20 photos.. bless   x 20

... 3rd Dear Steven. We wanted to personally thankyou for you excellent service on our wedding day. Not only did you provide a beautiful London cab, your enthusiasm and assistance on the day will never be forgotten. We wish you well for 2012. Thankyou so much. Love Simon and Brigitte Dee xx00

VIDEO on youtube


Emu Bottom- sunbury wedding - Joanne & Steven, note bubble gun there was 2, ask me about the battery story,

wedding  nov 13th

wedding daylesford

...Mr & Mrs Mohr wed 1-11-14, (the day strong wind storm in Melbourne) HI Steven ! Thankyou so much for Saturday ! We Appreciated your professionlism and quality of services and would highly recommend you to anyone ! Your were a pleasure to deal with and felt like sunshine on a rainy day. You made our day special ! Thanks again :) Many Thanks and kind regards Ourani (and Jonny)

from easywedding website
From: Callan Browne  wedding 23-1-15.
Score: 5/5
Comments:"Steven was a character and really gave the day somewhat of an X factor, something unique and had plenty of people talking"

21-3-15 yes  4 day ago, came today 25-1-15
Hi Steven,   I just wanted to send you an email to thank you so much for the beautiful cars you provided Dave and I with on Saturday! They were everything we imagined and the guys driving them were so amazingly helpful and did such a wonderful job. I can not thank you enough for what it meant to us both to have the cars in our wedding, as it made our day just so much more special! Your cars are beautiful, your service was amazing and we will remember it forever!
Amanda Lawes
( I sent this to her drivers too)

wedding 15-5-2015

kate and Amanda..

wedding 1-11-2015, Ali Ashley, Riddle Creek,
Dear Steven, I wanted to thankyou so very much for making my taxi ride to the wedding so much fun. Your attention to detail, the surprize in the park, the way you managed to relax the guests waiting at the venue before we even arrived, (hehe, all that tooting) was superb. Thankyou also for waiting until the ceremony was over to make sure we had the photo opportunity with your cab was so generous. I will most certainly recommend you to anyone looking for something different to the boring old limo for their event! With warmest wishes, Ali( Mrs Holborn)

Review from Easy wedding

From: Karina H.  wedding 3 days ago- 13-3-16
Score: 5/5
Comments:"Steven was so funny and charming, he really put me and my bridesmaids at ease, and made us feel really special in our beautiful black cab. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend London Taxi Wedding Services to our family and friends."

Thankyou all, for  your wonderful letters,  photographs, and your very excited referrals too.
Please say Hello when you next see us. Just like you we love to re-live great memories
It is never too late late to send a letter or Photo

Re- live the joy at your next celebration    ........  our London Taxis are ready and waiting . 
Call today ( 03 ) 9734 3697 .... or email Steven at
Ask  for taxicab availability, prices,  fleet viewing appointments, booking forms, Questions, ask about our 1480 completed weddings, or the next wedding date so you can watch us in action.
Be first in to get our prime cab with air-conditioning
To help us quote,  please supply
                1 ... your hire date ..... ,  
                2     hire start point/s ..... and time/s... ie groom's pickup address ..  at what time..  , 
                                                                                bride's pick up address what time..   
                3    ceremony is where .... at what time ....
                4    Reception  is where ... arriving at what time ....
             5     Reception departure from where ......  and what time...... to where....... .
                6      how many cabs? ......  seating  4 adults in each taxi. no seat next to my driver( not self drive)
on confirmation of your booking a deposit  of $100 per cab is required, balance payments  due before 14 day prior to the event,

country bookings .. Be first in your town, to have  London black cabs...
prices include  - $1 /km loading  from depot to depot + accommodation as required + wedding hire.

*** keep yourself nice, asking for a discount will only offend. The price quoted has to pay into the years running costs -as per PTY LTD law -  ..
for 48+ things, .. like car licence fees x4, ASIC FEES,
driver salary $30/hr depot to depot- a 3 hour wedding could have 2-3 hrs before and after,  petrol $40-70 per cab,  car rego now at $720(1-1-2016) x4 cabs = $240/month + insurance $290 /month, car wash $40/cab + wash-wax-tyre shine and , FREEWAY TOLLS, office book keeper $45/hour + accountant + taxes, printers and  inks, paper, envolopes, stamps, pc update, antivirus, website fees, web hosting, mobiles phone and plans, office phone, advertising - radio-bridal magazines, wedding expos so you can learn of us, esky contents, drycleaning, ribbons $25 each & tulle replacements. Melway x4 ,CAR REPAIRS, servicing, tyres, new paint job $15,000, car paint job repairs, car parts from London + import taxes and frieght costs,  installation of Air conditioning $3200 in 1 cab, replacing umbrellas broken in the wind protecting wedding party, flat tyre repairs, car batteries,  muffler and exhaust pipe, install auto gearbox ilo manual gearbox $4,500 ..... 48 things and counting.  The same for every wedding car service in Melbourne, and some pay depot rent.  All of this JUST TO STAY OPEN and thus available. Cheaper services have come and gone, but we plan to stay legal, road worthy, and insured for your wedding day.

... and yet the price does not pay for what the driver says from his heart on your wedding day and about your love for each other, and your future together etc.... the service. The services that is remember everytime you look at your photos and videos, and each other everyday , and on your anniversary... that make you jump out your skin and recomend us to  your friend who just got asked the question and said YES.   letters of thankyou are about "the service" Letters don't say thanks for the price, and even less, thanks for the discount.....
... in 2015, 3 London taxis passed through Maling Road, Canterbury, ... we passed a lady , who was jumping up and down(Toyota advert style) screaming out "MY CARS, MY CARS"  (Bride from 2014).. not a refernce to price , but stuck in her heart the lasting joy of cabs with service- on her wedding day.

          Extras we carry free of charge -   - bonnet white ribbon ,rear window tulle (or Flag),  umbrellas, esky, ice, Drinks, glasses (not plastic), white linen napkins (not paper),  waving flags etc

weight LIMIT = 400 kg  per cab  ie Passengers combined, not per customer.

A Friendly  note, ... 1.  don't be a tardy customer, the customer is  to board the cab at the start time written on the booking form, not the finish time.(5th bridezilla )
                               2.   We do have the legal right to hold a new hire after yours, and so expect to meet the 2nd customer  as hired, 

                           3.   Over run of hire is not allowed. full stop .
                               4. Tipping your driver is

WEDDING NOTE.. from the time honoured era of chivalry... The Bride is always on the left arm of her father, so he can draw his sword with his right arm, to protect her  ...which is also why the bride will then stand on the groom's left arm.
           Guys.. wearing a waist coat, the jacket buttons are not done up, from a time when button are a symbol of wealth, that's also why your jacket has 5 buttons on the sleeve !

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Dear Bride & Groom Congratulations on your wedding, we know you had a wonderful day.  We hope the service which London Taxi Wedding Services supplied  , was up to, or even exceeded your expectations.  So would you please nominate London Taxi Wedding Services for an ABIA Award. Please vote .. online voting form at
NOMINATED FOR THE ABIA AWARD David and Francesca (Ieria) Robertson   (WEDDING OF 26-5 -07)
NOMINATED FOR THE ABIA AWARD Jade and Fiona Leonard-Jones  (WEDDING OF 17-01-09)
NOMINATED FOR THE ABIA AWARD Julie and Brenton O'loughlin  (WEDDING OF 21-2-09)
WON #1 for Cabs, # 7th car service with ABIA awards 2010
WON #1 for Cabs, 6th  car services ABIA Awards 2011

Drivers.. I am always looking for Better drivers, " why not book a trip for an Anniversary or your  wife's Birthday, see the service and the show side of the job and , and then apply.  . It Helps greatly if  you .. have been to London, you own a suit, you can tie a Windsor Knot,  you can look the bride and groom in the eye when you say "congratulations Mr and Mrs .... email or phone us

LINKS....   Aim to create a  Wedding day never seen before 
these links are offered free, to make your day grand, Please ask these services you found here, to send a letter of thanks )

Bands.... Irish Band
                Celtica-Aussie Bush band free selectors
                 the Beatle Show  by Rubber soul  

British characters f
ull range  .. Queen Elizabeth 2nd for a royal speech.., Bobby, Fagan, Eddy -Patsy, Margie Thatcher and More to entertain your guests.. or open the door on your wedding taxi ,  call Leonie Collins....... Mobile  0409945083

UK products and Souvenirs shop in Melbourne called Treats from Home (UK).  Level  1, 234 Collins Street,

Wedding Directory

Kilts and Pipers call  Celtic Affairs
house of scotland

Bagpipes .. Jimmy Smith 97627937.. or Alec Beaton  0419 568 895  or Campbell or Lachlan Wilson ..........94381478

Titanic  theatre  restaurant    ...
Wedding directory..

Hot air balloon flights with           ,, balloon sunrise 94277596

Health for life...


Chimney sweep ..

Windsor knot   this knot seperates the men from the boys. ask your  driver  to  fix dad's  tie  into a
     Windsor knot (wedding knot) ,    recently A Bride said  with great delight "you saved the wedding" as Steven-Owner, retied groom's tie into a windsor knot .. before they walked into reception, Come on guys, get it right for your wife, and the photos on the  mantle piece. classes available,

Wedding Venue in the Macedon Ranges. At  Wooling Hill


CELEBRANTS ......   call  Rev Gordon McKenzie  Radio voice, Organist, 
                                or Kim Walsh . Altona ...
                                or ..Marita Wilcox  Melbourne, - 0419398910.. 
                                or  at  

  Brian Hickey   Spruiker   spruiking    shopping centre spruiker  Voice over  MC events   book signings  shop closing down, store  grand openings  0407811502  97343697


Race brakes fixed the problem, so that is where we go now 

Public Carriage Office, London, UK - 

NEW YORK CAB  Geelong  

yellow armpit stains on your best white shirt, , i tried youtube, then went out to the garage and tied, WAX AND GREASE REMOVER- from the auto store, it worked the first time completely

Lose fat  by not laying more fat down  add potassium like bananas to your breakfast, it worked for my fatty liver, (no advice from the Doctor-huh?) 

* A/C in 1 cab the prime cab ATM
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IMPORTATION OF LONDON BLACK TAXI CABS INTO AUSTRALIA ... do not buy a cab in UK ( or anywhere) until you have "permission to import" papers from Dept Transport & Regional Services 0262747111 , Canberra Australia, to import a cab. Do not believe the export service where your got the cab, when they say "nothing else is required" Also customs Australia will tell you "nothing is required" as I found out personally  .... this is wrong. Call 0262747111   Dept Transport & Regional Services. Cabs after 1988 Must have been owned as private for 1 year... and have "permission to import" papers too, ......or your cab will be destroyed - crushed, on landing in Australia. .... there are black cabs in Australia for sale ... email us      for current details. click here  Obtain a "VEHICLE IMPORT APPROVAL" from the Vehicle Safety Standards Branch of the Department of Transport and Regional Services. 
Phone: 1800 815 272 (Australia only) or (02) 6274 7506, Fax: (02) 6274 6013, email:;

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Try this toy.. a paper taxi to make

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